Margarita Kamiyenovskaya and her friends at the wedding of her schoolmate Anita

The picture was taken at the wedding of my schoolmate Anita. I was the maid of honor. I am second to the right in the first row, on my left is Anita, ànd her husband is next to her. Anita and all her family perished in Piarnu in 1941 during the German invasion. Unfortunately, I can?t say anything about the other guests in the picture. Anita was married to a man from Piarnu and the wedding party was there. I didn't know anybody but the bride. I had never seen anybody in the picture again. The picture was taken in Piarnu in 1936.

Margarita Kamiyenovskaya

This is me as a student of the Tallinn German Lyceum. I?m dressed in the lyceum uniform. This picture was taken in Tallinn in 1927. I had been bilingual since childhood. My father always spoke German to me and my mother spoke Russian. So, it's hard for me to say which of these languages I consider to be my native. Both of those languages were my first. Of course, soon I became fluent in Estonian living in an Estonian environment and playing with Estonian children. Nobody spoke Yiddish at home.

Document for Samson Ginovker

This is a document for my brother Samson Ginovker's rehabilitation. It was issued in 1989 by the MVD of the Estonian SSR. It says that Samson Ginovker, who was deported to Kirov region in 1941 and 1951 without a court verdict, is now rehabilitated on the grounds of the 1988 law of the Estonian SSR. Similar documents were issued to all of our family members who had been deported.


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