Hesse Tsivian

This photograph shows my mother, Hesse Tsivian, nee Heiman, after returning to Estonia from Warsaw. It was taken in Tartu in 1912. I do not know if my mother's parents were born in Estonia or if they moved here. At the end of the 19th century they were already living in the city of Tartu. My grandfather's name was Tevye Heiman, and my grandmother's name was Rohel-Leah Heiman [nee Klas]. Grandfather Tevye traded in cattle. He went around Estonian villages. During one of these trips, my grandfather was attacked by robbers and killed. This happened in the mid-1900s.

Liya Kaplan

This is me at the award ceremony for 'the best pageant costume', at the Haapsala resort, on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Estonia in 1939. At the age of seven I entered the Ivrit school, where my elder siblings went. Apart from Ivrit, we studied German, French and English. The school was secular, but we studied religion, history and Jewish tradition. There were wonderful Jewish festivals in school. Children gave concerts; parents were invited and they were very grateful.


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