Hirsh-Leib Tsivian

This photograph shows my father, Hirsh-Leib Tsivian. It was taken in Tallinn in 1940. For his whole life, even in the hardest times, my father was a true believer. He started his morning by washing his hands and putting on his tefillin. He prayed at home several times a day, often went to the synagogue for evening prayers, kept the Yom Kippur fast, and attended the synagogue every Saturday and on holidays.

Hesse Tsivian

This photograph shows my mother, Hesse Tsivian, nee Heiman. It was taken in Tallinn in 1935. IMy parents decided that their future clients lived in the capital and moved to Tallinn in 1919. They rented a small flat there and opened a corset workshop. At first my mother worked there alone, but later, as orders flowed in, she hired several workers.


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