Elkhonen Saks' father David Saks

This is my father David Saks. The photo was taken in 1920 in Valga after my father returned from Austrian captivity. My father was born in 1891 and the second child in the family. He didn't obtain a good education; only completed elementary school. Later, for a few years, he helped his father, delivering goods to neighboring villages. At the age of 18 my father was drafted to the tsarist army. He served as a simple soldier, participated in World War I, and was taken prisoner at the Austrian front. He used to say that it wasn't so bad in captivity in Austria.

Simon Rapoport

This is my most recent picture, taken in Tallinn, 2005. Before Estonia gained independence, in late 1988, the Jewish Community of Estonia was founded. It was given the premises of the former Jewish lyceum, where I and my siblings went to. In spite of a small number of people, it is a very good and strong community. Each of us starts to make a possible constitution. My wife and I are interested in the things happening in our community.

Simon Rapoport

This is me. The picture was taken for the board of honor at the construction department in Tallinn in 1980. It was hard for me to find a job in 1950s. I had two considerable disadvantages: I was a Jew, which meant a lot at that time, and I had been in exile. Thus I could not be trusted. Finally I was offered a job in a small construction and repair company. The director was from Belarus, who didn't know a single word of Estonian. He needed at least one foreman who would speak Estonian. I was employed owing to that.

Polina Shein

This is my sister Polina Shein (nee Rapoport). The picture was taken in Tallinn in 1932. My elder sister Polina was born in 1912. Having finished lyceum my elder sister Polina got married to a Jew called Leib Shein, from the Estonian town of Valga, bordering on Latvia. Leib was born in 1903. Of course, they had a traditional Jewish wedding. After getting married my sister and her husband moved to Valga. In 1936 their son Solomon was born. Leib was an entrepreneur and Polina was a housewife and raised her son.


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