The house where Ester Vee’s family lived before the war

In this photo, taken by my father in the late 1930s, on the right you can see the house on Viru Street where our family lived before the war. My father and grandfather had their dental office in this same house. When we returned to Tallinn, this house was no longer there. It was ruined by bombing in Tallinn in 1944.

Ester Vee with her classmates

This is the first grade of the Jewish gymnasium in Tallinn. We were photographed in the classroom before a class. Our teacher Basia Shneiberg is standing. I am sitting at the desk in the rear. I'm the 4th on the left. My friend Frieda Slomka is on my right. From left to right, at my desk: Harry Hoff, Yankel, I can't remember his surname, Donald Dubrovkin. At the first desk, from left to right: Abram Bass and Nesse, they fell victims to the German occupation of Tallinn. There are two others, whom I don't remember.

Ester Vee with her great-grandmother Lea Chapkowski

This is me and my great-grandmother Lea Chapkowski having a walk. This photo was taken in Tallinn in 1937, a few months before my great-grandmother died.

My grandparents loved me a lot. My grandmother and my grandfather’s sister Riva took care of me. The whole family loved and pampered me. After my father graduated from Tartu University my parents moved to Tallinn. My parents rented an apartment, and I returned to my parents. Initially they rented a smaller apartment in Imante Street. I have very dim memories of this period.


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