A letter from children of the Polish orphange in Tashkent

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This is a letter I’ve received from children of a Polish orphange in Tashkent, when I was in the hospital after I was wounded in the battle.

We were in Tashkent until 12th May 1943, after which date we left the city to join the 1st Division. Me and Iziek fought in the Battle of Lenino, and my brother was killed virtually a couple of steps away from me.

I was the second in command of the regiment’s medical company. I personally took part in taking wounded soldiers away from the front line under enemy fire. During one such excursion to the front line I was heavily wounded. I went through several hospitals between October and May, and eventually found myself in a Polish hospital in Moscow, where I underwent the final surgery.

After being released from the hospital, I was sent back to the front, to the headquarters, in Lutsk, Ukraine, and from there I went with the army as an officer, already wounded in battle, with the back units. I took part in the liberation of Lublin, and then in the liberation of Warsaw.

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Interviewee: Leon Lifsches
Anna Szyba
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Sopot, Poland


Leon Lifsches
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Dyer at a textile plant
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