The Danon family on a summer excursion

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This picture was taken in 1931.  On the left you can see my uncle Dani’s [Daniel] wife, Emilia’s sister, Anna.  She is the one with the umbrella.  Sitting next to her is Olga, and her husband Pepo another siter of Emilia’s, then sitting in front of them is Elvira, who was their niece.  Then beside her is my uncle Dani, and I and my aunt Emilia (the one on the right with the umbrella).

On that day we had gone to Altinkum [golden sand].  We went swimming there.  The sea was very beautiful, and then there were a lot of green spots up on the hill.  That’s where the photo was taken.

I think the photo was taken by the brother of my aunt Emilia.  We had had a very nice time that day.  Look I am beside my uncle again.  Both my uncle Dani and my aunt (his wife) Emilia loved me very much.  They alwayd took me to places.  The women used to carry umbrellas then because the weather was very hot and they wanted to keep the sun out.  I had a small umbrella with me too.

My fourth uncle, Daniel lived in Istanbul and married an Italian girl called Emilia Kilkus.  They did not have any children.  He was in business with her father.  I think they had a hardware shop.  Later on, when the business did not go well, he took his share and left.  He bought two flats with that money and lived on the rent of those flats.  He did not work.  Daniel died in 1957.

My uncle Daniel used to take me everywhere.  As my uncle and his wife did not have any children, they loved me very much.  And my mother, as the kids were very naughty, would say, "please come and get Suzi" and I would go to my uncle's.  His wife would dress me in beautiful clothes and I would stay with them.

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Yusuf Sarhon
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Istanbul, Turkey


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