Inessa Vitkina’s grandfather Isaak Vitkin


Isaak Vitkin, my grandfather on my mother's side. He was born in 1850s somewhere in Lithuania. My grandparents lived in the village of Yanishki Shauliai district, Vilen region. This area belonged to the Russian Empire then. The family was poor. They didn't have a house. My grandfather rented a small farm. He was a shoemaker. In winter people from the surrounding villages hired him to make winter coats. My grandfather was religious. On Saturday my grandparents went to the synagogue. They observed all Jewish traditions, celebrated Sabbath and Jewish holidays and followed the kashruth. In 1914 Russia began to move its subjects from Lithuania. My grandparents' family was moving to Byelorussia. My grandfather died on the way while they were still in Lithuania.
Isaak Vitkin, my grandfather on my mother's side, was born in 1850s in the town of Yanishki where he continued living with the family of his own. He was a shoemaker. In winter he made winter coats.

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Inessa Vitkina

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