2016-11-10 10:56:30

November 10th, 1938 - the day after the Night of the Broken Glass - saw the continuation of anti-Jewish attacks with a wave of arrests. The SS and Gestapo arrested up to 30,000 Jewish males, and transferred most of them from local prisons to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, and other camps.

While most men were released over the next three months - on the condition that they emigrated from Germany - hundreds died in the camps as a result of the brutal treatment they endured.

Today we remember this day with Lilli Tauber, Max Uri, Wilhelm Steiner, Paul Rona, and Edith Brickell.

Read more about the Novemberpogrome (Kristallnacht) in this encyclopaedic overview from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum .

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