Petr Weber's aunts, Lea Königsberg and Esther Fleisher

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Here in this photograph are my aunts, Esther and Lea. I later met up with Esther in Israel, while Lea died during the war. Esther Königsberg along with Toshka were the only two sisters of my mother Lola who survived World War II. My third surviving relative was Uncle Schlomo, their brother. I unfortunately don't know when and where this photograph was taken.

Toshka and Esther moved to what was back then the Palestine still during pre-war times, probably around 1935, and thus survived and became this bridge between me and my past. They lived in Tel Aviv. So from the entire Königsberg family, only these three survived, Toshka, Esther and Uncle Shlomo. My mother and her other sisters, by this I mean Dina, Lea, Bracha and another brother David, all those died during World War II.

As far as my aunts Toshka and Esther go - definitely the former and perhaps both - after their arrival in Israel they worked in a kibbutz. Then they were both housewives, both of them got married. Ether's married name was Fleisher, and Tonka's was Brunner. Her grandson, Tommer Brunner, is very interested in the lives of his ancestors. He still lives in Israel, and his parents live there too; his father is the son of Auntie Toshka. Toshka had a daughter and two sons. As for Esther Fleisher, she's got two daughters in Israel, both are still alive. One of them is still single, so is still named Fleisher. The other one is married and is named Darewski. She's a private music teacher. And he, her husband that is, I don't know, he's got some sort of managerial job I think. Neither of my aunties is alive anymore. Esther died at home, and died, I don't remember anymore, sometime between 1993 and 1997. Toshka died in a senior citizens' home a year and a half ago. Both of them in Tel Aviv.


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after WW II
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