Gyorgyike Hasko with her brother and mother

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I am two years old in this picture. My brother was give years old at that time. We are with my mother. The picture was taken in Budapest in the Liget City Park.

My brother was born in 1929, and three years later I was born. Both my brother and I were born at the Siesta, which is now the Oncological Institute. The Siesta was a private sanatorium, and since my father got married quite late, and my mother was much younger, my father thought that we had to be born at the best place, and this was such a place. We lived on Kertesz Street until I was three years old, but I don't remember anything. We lived together with my grandmother, and my mother made two wonderful Gobelin tapestries during her two pregnancies. She could sew very well, my mother knew everything. She was unbelievably creative. She was born in 1906 in Miskolc, she completed four classes of middle school. After that she studied all kinds of things, which grandpa allowed her to study. She learned French, German, she learned to make hats, to sew, to sing, to play the piano and to dance, she used to go on balls, just like any decent middle-class girl, and when she was a teenager, she did the administration of the workshop for my grandfather.

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Interviewee: Gyorgyike Hasko
Judit Rez
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February - April
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Budapest, Hungary


Gyorgyike Hasko
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Chemistry technician
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