Lili and Ibolya Farkas

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    Romania (1945-1989)
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In this picture you can see my wife Lili Farkas, on the left of the grave, my sister-in-law, Ibolya Farkas, my younger brother's wife, on the right of the grave, at my father's grave in Torda. The photo was taken in the 1980s.

My father, Mendel Farkas, was born in 1889 in Jaravize, and age-wise he was somewhere in the middle among his siblings. I think Gero and two of his sisters were older than my father. But I don't know exactly, because I didn't know them. My father fought as a soldier in World War I, and after that he came home and got acquainted with my mother, but I don't know anything more about their situation.

Right after the takeover, when Antonescu came to power, they fired my father - he was a high-ranking clerk in the pottery company in Torda - because he was Jew. And he fell ill around that time, approximately in 1943. Of course, this worried him, and contributed in the aggravation of his sickness.

Unfortunately my father perished at age 55, he couldn't be saved. We took him everywhere, but before the liberation we couldn't come to Kolozsvar. We lived in Torda, and after the liberation my mother took him to Szeben, because the hospital from Kolozsvar was in Szeben then - in 1940-44 the Romanian doctors moved to Szeben - but they sent them back because the diagnosis was cancer of the stomach, which killed him. He died on 6th March 1945.

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Interviewee: Jozsef Farkas
Emoke Major
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July – August
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Des, Romania


Lili Farkas
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Cluj Napoca
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Romania (1920-1945)
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