Zuzanna Mensz’ grandmother Sara Zlata Horowicz

This is a photo of my mom’s mother, Sara Zlata Horowicz, née Rottenberg. She was very young at the time, when the photo was taken. I don’t know when and where it was. Grandma died before I was born, I didn’t know her.

Grandma Zlata died during labor, giving birth to her next child, she was twenty-something [According to the family saga Nad Bugiem - Rottenbergowie ze Skryhiczyna (By The River Bug - The Rottenbergs From Skryhiczyn) Zlata Rottenberg died in 1917. She was born in 1870s.] She managed to give birth to ten children. My mother was the oldest.

Henryk Umow

This picture was taken in Legnica in 2004. That’s what I look like now as I’m telling you my story. Unfortunetly I don’t have any of the old photos of mine, nor those of my family. They were stolen at the beginning of the Second World War when the Soviet troops came to my town - Lomza. And later I didn’t take too many photos, but even those I did take, I don’t know where they are now. I don’t see well and thus I’m not able to find them.

Samuel König’s son Ludwik with his family

This is a photo of my son Ludwik and his family. The photo was taken in the 1980’s but I don’t know where exactly.
I arrived in Poland in early November 1946. Or so I think. I didn't know where I was going. And nobody asked anyway. You didn't have to know where the repatriation train was heading.
I met my future wife, Stanislawa, in Cracow. We got married in the summer of 1952. It was in Cracow, in the registry office. Just us and the two witnesses. A boy and a girl my wife knew. There was no wedding party.


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