Zuzanna Mensz’ aunt Chana and her husband Aron Perec with their chidren

This is a photo of my dearest aunt’s family. Second from left is standing auntie Chana Perec and the third is uncle Aron, her husband. A little girl first from left is their daughter and my best friend Zoska, Zofia Perec and a boy sitting in the center is her brother Mietek, Mieczyslaw. First from right is standing my older sister Zlatka Rosset. I don’t know where this photo was taken, I suppose it could be in Dubienka, a town near Skryhiczyn, where we spent our holidays.

Zuzanna Mensz’ father Mosze Rosset

This is a photo of my father, Mosze Rosset. He was quite old then, I think it could be taken late in 1920s. He died in 1933.

My father's parents, the Rossets, came from Volodymir-Volyns'kyy [presently Ukraine]. Grandpa owned a printing house in Volodymir. The family later moved to Lublin, I don't know why. Grandpa was a middleman in grain trade, and my father used to help him I believe.

Zuzanna Mensz’ grandfather Hersz Horowicz

It is a photo of my grandpa Hersz Horowicz, my mom’s father. I don’t know when and where it was taken. He died when I was a little child, so I don’t remember him well.

Grandpa came from Piotrkow Trybunalski. He floated timber from the Skryhiczyn woods to Gdansk by the Bug river. He had some business in Gdansk. He got married to Zlata Rottenberg in 1880s. They had ten children, I remember seven names: Motel, Jojl, Josel, Henoch, Chana, Ita and Mariem Szyfra - my mom. I think they lived at the time in Skryhiczyn.


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