Anna Lanota’s false ID

This is my false ID (in German ‘Kennkarte’) made in 1944. It was the second one I had during the war.

I escaped from the Warsaw ghetto onto the 'Aryan side' in August 1942. I can't remember how I got my false papers - I had them, of course, in the name of Krawczyk, I think, and the profession written in there was seamstress.

When during the Warsaw Uprising we walked through the sewers from the Old Town to Zoliborz, I lost them. In Zoliborz I met Antek, Icchak Cukierman.

Anna Lanota’s People's Army membership ID

This is my People's Army membership ID. I got it in the time of the Warsaw uprising in August 1944.

During the uprising I was in the Old Town. I divided up the food among the boys on the barricades. Later I printed our newssheet. It came out every day, it was four pages long.

The printing shop was on Freta Street. I certainly built barricades, and had a gun, but I don't remember standing on the barricades. Later on we went round making holes in cellar walls to be able to move from house to house without going up onto the street.

Anna Lanota

This is my photo taken several years ago. It was taken for some kind of documents, but I don’t remember which one. I’m sure I was already retired.

In 1948 the magazine 'Przyjaciolka' was launched [a women's weekly, still on the press market] and I was given the position of editor in chief. I earned good money there.

Anna Lanota’s school class on a trip in Torun

This is a school trip to Torun in 1931. I was 16. We were on the ship on the Vistula River.

I am standing second from right and first from right is my cousin Ewa Prywes. She was the daughter of my mother’s sister Bronia and sister of Mosze Prywes.

They lived in Lodz. Ewa had survived the war in Warsaw; she was totally unlike a Jew, so she didn't go into hiding. We often met up during the occupation. She died in 1980 in Warsaw.

Anna Lanota’s school class on a trip in Cracow

This is my school class on a trip. I think we were then in Cracow.

I am standing third from left. The girl standing next to me was called Wegmajster. At the bottom there are Gucia Bulwa, Joskowicz and Ruzka Lewin. First from left standing is our class teacher Mr Ellenberg and first from right maths teatcher Mr Szarybroder.

I hated school. The drill annoyed me, the fact that you had to go, this had to be done, that had to be written down. I did it all, but it was unbearable. I was a good student.

Malgorzata Lanota

This is my daughter Malgorzata Lanota. In this picture she is maybe 30. She was born in Lublin. The photo was taken in Warsaw.

In May 1945 I had my baby, Malgosia. Three months later I went to Lodz. My cousin Ida Merzan was living there then with her husband and daughter.

They had just come back from Russia. I went to see them. I reported for work at the publishing house 'Ksiazka i Wiedza.' When 'Ksiazka i Wiedza' moved to Warsaw, I went with my baby.

Anna Lanota with her cousins on holiday

This is in the country, in Skryhiczyn, in the vacation.

We worked in the fields there, binding the stooks and threshing. In the evening my uncle [Chaim Halperin] harnessed up to the cart and we would go to the river to bathe, because we were terribly dirty after work.

You can see how tired we were, because my uncle was exacting; you had to work from early morning until it was finished.

This is by my uncle's barn. These are his daughters:

Mina Boas on holiday

This is my university friend Mina Boas. She was from Zgierz. We studied psychology together in Warsaw.

Mina had split up with a painter at the time and was suffering terribly. She told me about it, and that was how we became friends. Later on, during the war, I met her in Lvov.

We used to go to psychology lectures by the lecturer (later professor) Tomaszewski. Mina was killed in Lvov when the Germans came. She gave me this photograph as a memento, and by a miracle it survived the war. I'd like something to remain of her.


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