Zuzanna Mensz’ with her relatives and friends in Falenica

This is our family in garden in Falenica, where my mother moved in 1938. I think my sister Zlatka took this photo. From left are sitting: I, my sister Hilka, my mom, Zlatka’s friend, Japanese, Aniela, also Zlatka’s friend from Warsaw. Behind are standing our cousin fron Skryhiczyn Josel Rottenberg and our neighbour from Falenica.

Zuzanna Mensz’ cousins Mietek Perec, Esterka Rottenberg and other kids in Skryhiczyn

This is a group of my cousins from Rottenberg family. It was taken during summer holidays in Skryhiczyn in 1930s. A boy standing first from right is Mietek, Mieczyslaw Perec, my mom’s sister Chana’s son. A little girl sitting first from left is Esterka Rottenberg, a daughter of my mom’s uncle Nusyn Rottenberg.


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