Zoya Shapochnik

This is me (the first to the left) in the dining room at Hesed during the first Pascal seder. Fira is next to me. I didn’t know her very well, she just sat next to me at the table. The picture was taken in Kishinev in 2003.

When I start thinking about my life, I can't say why I'm alone, or why I remained single. First of all, I was very shy and had an inferior complex and secondly, I wanted the maximum. I fell in love with interesting people, who paid no attention to me, and those who wanted to date me weren't interesting in my view. That's life.

Zoya Shapochnik with her family

This is our family. My paternal grandmother’s brother Sapsai Hazin arranged a family reunion shortly before he died. The first, bottom row: my nephews, children. In the second row sitting from left to right: my father, Joseph Shapochnik, my mother Pesya is next to him, the 3rd to the left is Sapsai Hazin, his sister Enna Goldenstein is next to him, her husband Goldenstein, I don’t remember his first name, the wife of my father's brother David, Dora, David Shapochnik. The first to the left in the 3rd row is me, then Enna's daughter Haya Goldenstein, and Enna's sons.


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