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Suggestions for a new project


Every student has to choose a poet who lived the Shoa and wrote about it. He has to learn his biography and then go to the Centropa website to look for a biografy of a " common person " who had been living in the same place during the same period . Studying those 2 biografies the student should imagine those two living in the same social and cultural environment and like this the student will get a different and broader understanding about the time and place which shaped the poet and the " common person " .


Obrázek uživatele Rina Lund

The following are the indications my students got on how to proceed doing the assignment : 


 Indications on how to proceed with the " POETRY "- assignment :  1 - choose a poet from the list you got - or any you like 2 - get familiar with his biography 3 - go to the CENTROPA website       www.centropa.org 4 - go to the centropa interview section and search among the interviews      there for a person with the same background ( country , city , age , similar      upbringing ..... ) 5 - go to the section with the photos of that biography and observe them           very carefully - what clothing do the people wear , how are their       houses / rooms / tables arranged .......   - observing these photos keep in mind always your " poet " in mind .      Try to imagine him / her in those places on the photos .      Ask yourself how this environment you see and the background      information you gathered might have influenced the poets literary work 6 - choose a poem and get familiar with it and prepare. It's presentation in      class ( reading aloud in front of the class with explanations and a short      resume of the poet's biography)  .   


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