Rahmil Shmushkevich’s daughter Julia Shmushkevich and grandson Evgeniy Kruglevskiy

My daughter Julia Shmushkevich and my grandson Evgeniy Kruglevskiy. Photo made in Kiev in 1971. My daughter gave it to me.

In 1947 our daughter Julia was born. My family waited for me. I returned in 1956. My daughter Julia was in the 3rd form already. She didn't know where her father had been. If they found out at school she would have been treated with suspicion.

Rahmil Shmushkevich with his wife Ida

My wife Ida and I, Rahmil Shmushkevich, after our wedding ceremony. Photo made in Kiev in November 1946.

In Kiev I went to look for my family. All of a sudden I saw my mother near the water pump in Yamskaya Street where we lived before the war. She screamed seeing me and she was screaming in Yiddish. My mother, her sister and her sister's family were living in a small room with no heating. I moved in with them. We lived a very poor life.

Rahmil Shmushkevich with political officer Ovitsenov

Our political officer Ovitsenov and I, Rahmil Shmushkevich, on the front line, few days before the Kharkov front line forces encirclement and my captivity. Photo made by a correspondent of the "Stalinets" newspaper in the Izyum town in May 1942. In an hour after this photo was taken a shell hit our political officer Ovitsenov killing him.

Rahmil Shmushkevich’s family

My family. From left to right, upper row: my wife's brother Grigory Bronevoy and my wife Seva Bronevaya; lower row: my sister Rachel holding her son, my father Yudko Shmushkevich and my mother Freida Shmushkevich photographed in my two-room apartment in Yamskaya Street in Kiev in March 1941 on the occasion of the visit of my wife's brother. We are meet to communicate and eat in household circle in my.

My father and mother had 7 children. I am the oldest of my brothers and sisters Four of them died in babyhood or childhood.


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