An Outing in Kilyos

This photo was taken on a Sunday in the years 1929-1930 on the road to Kilyos.  At that time there were no roads to Kilyos, no buses, no cars.  We could only go there on foot.  We went to Sariyer by bus or by boat and then we walked to Kilyos.  It was a 2-3 hour-walk.  We could reach there through the mountains.  One day my friends and I decided to go on an outing like this.  A few friends and I set off.    It was summer of course.

In Bursa

You can see my father, myself and a cousin in this picture across our home in Bursa. The house across the street from ours had shutters on. . All of the Jews in Bursa lived on the same street. On both sides of the hill full of trees were houses lined up. Only Jews lived until the place we called Chatalfirin (Forkbakery). We had 3 synagogues, Yirush, Mayor and Etz Hayim. We were crowded, we were like siblings. We would eat and play together with the daughters of the poor families who came to our house as helpers.


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