This photograph was taken in front of our house in Bursa with my aunts and my cousins.  Aunt Janet, my uncle's wife Aunt Kler, Aunt Anjel, Albertiko (little Albert), they are all relatives.The house where we lived when I was born was the same as the house I lived in when I went to Istanbul as a bride.  That neighborhood was called "La Juderia".  All of the Jews in Bursa lived on the same street.  On both sides of the hill full of trees were houses lined up.  Only Jews lived until the place we called Chatalfirin (Forkbakery).  We had 3 synagogues,


You can see all the girl cousins in this photograph.  It was taken in Bursa, and these are all the cousins on my mother's side.  On the stairs.  Just across our house.  The house of the Abravanel's.My mother was also the daughter of a family with a lot of children like my father.   My mother Mari Sages' last name before she was married was Abravanel.  Mari Sages was an educated woman.  She was a teacher.  When she came to Bursa as a bride, the siblings of her husband were not married yet.  They started living all together.The old


This photo was taken during our military service as a souvenir.  When they recruited the 20 military classes (everyone, mostly non-Muslims between the ages of 35-46) in 1941, my friends and I were sent to Gönen.  


I have my friends with me here in this photo:  from left to right, the first is Izak Behar, I am the second and Moiz Atiyas, always with me since childhood is the third.  The one sitting in front is a friend we had called Masa.



This photo was taken in 1940.  While I was in Spain, my parents had moved from Ortakoy to a house in Galata.  Therefore, when I came back, I went to live with my parents in Galata.  The place was called “Galata, Kücük Hendek”.  The apartment had a garden and a pergola.  One day my second cousins on my mother’s side came to visit us from England.  They were two sisters, one of them was Gladys on my left here.  I don’t remember the name of the other one.  A friend of mine took this picture as a souvenir.  The two sisters ret


This photo was taken at Taksim Square in Istanbul in 1939-1940.  I am the one on the left.  The friend beside me is Moiz Atiyas, my best friend ever since childhood.  We are carrying raincoats, so it was probably either spring or fall.  We were walking in Taksim.  I don’t really remember who took this photo.  There must have been another friend with us.



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