This is my wedding invitation but it is written incorrectly.  First the name of the  bride's family is to be printed, "Sages" should have been written first.  But this is how it was printed and distributed.My husband Avram Arguete was a very principled man, hard-working and honest.  He had the nickname "Fuhrer" in Ortakoy because of his adherence to his principles and his harsh reactions.  Just think about it.  He was of short stature, always in a hurry, someone who walked fast and who was anxious.  Our meeting was the result of a c

My grandfather

We can see Senor Abravanel in this photograph.. My mother's mother Flor Abravanel and father Senor Abravanel on the other hand were a family from Salonika (Today it is a city in Greece. But during the years we are talking about Bursa and Salonika were cities of the Ottoman Empire).  My mother's father Seneor Abravanel was a manager of a bank in Salonika.His brother Jozef Abravanel was the ambassador for Portugal.  His wife Viktorya and only son Jak  were the other members of the family.  My maternal grandmother Flor Abravanel was a teacher in Salonika.


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