Yomtov Bonjour Arguete

Yomtov Bonjur Arguete  was the apple of the family's eye.  He was married to Keti Frankfort.  Keti was a German Jew.  Her father owned a bank.  He did not know Judeo Spanish, when this language was conversed within the family, his face became sullen.  The Frankfort family was an aristocratic family.  Komo se dize vuantes blankaz (How do you say this-white gloves.  It is a saying indicating you were speaking to someone from the upper crust, i.e.

In Heybeliada

This photograph was taken in Heybeliada..  My mother's sister Ida, her husband who was a dentist, my maternal grandmother and my older brother can be seen in the same picture. .

My mother's mother Flor Abravanel and father Senor Abravanel on the other hand were a family from Salonika (Today it is a city in Greece. But during the years we are talking about Bursa and Salonika were cities of the Ottoman Empire).  My mother's father Senor Abravanel was a manager of a bank in Salonika. 

My youth

A photograph from when I was a young girl.  It is a picture taken in Bursa of my teenage years.  It is a beautiful dress judging by those days' criteria.  Navy blue with borders.  When there was no ready-to -wear industry, we had our outfits sewn.

When the children of two large families, the Abravanel's and the Sages', were married, they started living in Bursa.  I am the second child of this family.


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