In Heybeliada

This photograph was taken in Heybeliada..  My mother's sister Ida, her husband who was a dentist, my maternal grandmother and my older brother can be seen in the same picture. .

My mother's mother Flor Abravanel and father Senor Abravanel on the other hand were a family from Salonika (Today it is a city in Greece. But during the years we are talking about Bursa and Salonika were cities of the Ottoman Empire).  My mother's father Senor Abravanel was a manager of a bank in Salonika. 

My youth

A photograph from when I was a young girl.  It is a picture taken in Bursa of my teenage years.  It is a beautiful dress judging by those days' criteria.  Navy blue with borders.  When there was no ready-to -wear industry, we had our outfits sewn.

When the children of two large families, the Abravanel's and the Sages', were married, they started living in Bursa.  I am the second child of this family.


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