At home

A photograph taken at home

The other people in the photograph: on the right, my father, in center, myself, on the left, my wife. Seated is my mother, my two nephews, Albert and Marsel

My father, Saul Modiano, was born in Salonika in 1887. He passed away in Istanbul in 1970. My mother, Ester Modiano [her maiden name is Kohen] was also born in Salonika in 1894, and passed away in Istanbul, in 1979. My parents are both buried at the Italian-Jewish Cemetery in Sisli, Istanbul.

Wedding ceremony

It is a photograph taken after the wedding ceremony.  The wedding took place in the Italian synagogue.The other people in the photograph: Starting on the right, my father, my mother, myself, my wife, my mother-in-law, an aunt of my wife, Suzan Kazes and her husband Alber Kazes, and the daughter of Suzan Kazes, Dolly Kazes, (today Dolly Levis), in front the little grooms and brides:  on the right my nephew Albert Tabah, next to him, his sister Marsel Tabah and on the left the daughter of a relative of my wife’s, I do not remember the name.

Engagement party

During our engagement ceremony, among our friends.

The other people in the photograph: in front row, on the left Ovadya  Filo, me in the center, on the right, Ezra Paipo, on the top row, on the left, my deceased sister-in-law Suzi Yahni, next to her, my wife, next to them ,three good friends, Sara Tovi, Rasel Adato, Luiz Filo, in the very back, our friends Roza Hason and her husband the deceased Alber Hason, next to him Silvyo Hazan, I am not sure who the bespectacled person is.


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