Saia Grunberg as a prisoner of war

In this photo you can see my father, Saia Grunberg: he is the second from the right, in the back row. The photo was taken during World War I, when he fell prisoner to the Austro-Hungarians and had to stay in Trentschin-Teplitz, in what is today Trencianske Teplice, in Slovakian. I think the man in the middle of the back row was the one who supervised them, because he isn’t wearing the white collar the prisoners had to wear.

Armin Mittelmann

My grandfather Armin Mittelmann is in this picture, while on a trip abroad, when he went by himself to Czechoslovakia to Postyen [Piestany today], a spa. This was in 1927, and he went there to treat his stomach problems. In the back row, in the middle, that's grandpa, a tall, handsome man, under the train window with two people. The crowd were probably passengers or a group of vacationists.

Fulop Riegelhaupt

My father Fulop Riegelhaupt is in this picture, in 1913 in Kassa. It was taken in the studio of Bela Bram. He was probably there on military duty, but as far as I know he had no rank, nor any special education. He sent his picture to his uncle to Hatszeg. I didn't know him personally, I only know his wife was my father's aunt, I even was in their house, it was a very nice house. He too was a timber merchant.


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