Efim Shpielberg’s mother's brother David Tuman and his fellow comrade

This is my mother's brother David Tuman (on the right) and his fellow comrade. This photo was taken in Tsaritsyn [today Volgograd] in 1917.

David was born in the end of the 1880s. During World War I he served in the tsarist army. After the revolution he went to the Red army. He took part in military action near Tsaritsyn at the beginning of the Civil War and then he returned to Odessa and joined Kotovski unit with his younger brothers Yosl and Etsl Tuman. All three brothers perished during the Civil War. This is all I know about them.

Faina Saushkina with her daughter Tamara Saushkina and husband's sister Anna Saushkina

My husband's sister Anna Saushkina, my daughter Tamara and I, Faina Saushkina. Photo made in Voronezh in 1940 to be sent to my husband in the army.
My husband Alexandr Savushkin was born in a poor family in a village near Voronezh, in the central part of Russia in 1912. His parents died of typhoid during the Civil War and Alexandr and his sisters grew up in a children's home.


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