Liza Usherenko’s sister Sonia, her husband Lyonia, her son Tolia

My sister Sonia Usherenko, her husband Lyonia Elizarov and her son Tolia Elizarov.

In 1930 my sister Sonia married a Russian man. Her husband Lyonia Elizarov was a sailor of the Dnieper fleet. During the famine of 1932 Lyonia received rationed food at work and he brought everything home. It was food for our whole family. Later Lyonia became an officer and was sent to Blagoveschensk in the Far East. Sonia and little Tolia followed him soon.

Bertha Trachtenbroit's father with his son Leonid Trachtenberg and his daughter from his second marriage Iraida Trachtenbroit

My father Solomon with my brother and his daughter from his second marriage Iraida Trachtenbroit. Moscow, 1946. The photograph made in Moscow in 1946 when my brother visited there. Here Leonid wears the uniform of navy lieutenant with the order of the Red Star.


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