Mihaly Eisikovits as POW

This is how I looked in July 1948, after they brushed us up a bit.

Before they sent us home, the Russians gave us clean shirts, in some cases white shirts, and a jacket, as well.

There were Russian and German jackets, anything they had. But they were all clean, disinfected and even washed, I think.

They gave us a coat, I got a Russian one, to keep us warm and prevent us from getting sick.

At the end of August we were already at home. So we had to endure four years. I was a prisoner of war for a total of four years and some one and a half month.

Albert Tsessarskiy

Moscow, Russia

Albert Tsessarskiy
Interviewer: Svetlana Bogdanova
Date of Interview: June 2005

Albert Tsessarskiy is a tall, handsome man.

He is a hospitable, amiable and charming host. Everybody who has ever talked to him cannot help noticing his charms. He agreed to be interviewed in spite of being really busy. He holds a lot of lectures on the recollections about war times.



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