Marta Feher’s father, Mihaly Schlesinger, on the front in WWI

This is my father Mihaly Schlesinger on the front somewhere in Russia.

He spent seven years on the Russian battlefield in World War I. He was taken prisoner. Communism was instilled into his heart out there.

It was such that there was a man who was in the Soviet Union too, and when he came to the lido where my mother worked, my father immediately started to speak with him in Russian.

Rachel Averbukh, singing with the Academic Chorus of the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War

This photo shows the Academic Chorus of the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War. I am standing first on the left.

When I was a child, we had a grand piano at home, and I began to study piano when I was just a little girl.

My teacher had studied with the great Russian composer Glazunov at one time. As an adult, I sang in the academic chorus of veterans of war and labor in the Kalininsky district, where there were two Jews besides me.

Solomon Zarkhin

This is my husband Solomon Zarkhin as a student of Artillery Academy after Voroshilov. His last military rank was captain.

In 1931 I finished school and came from Pskov to Leningrad, in Tavricheskaya Street, to live with the family of Uncle Efim, mother’s brother. They lived in a communal (shared) apartment. I had to stay somewhere. The shared apartment was large, 5 rooms.


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