Inessa Vitkina’s grandfather Isaak Vitkin and his wife Miriam Vitkina

My grandfather Isaak Vitkin and his wife Miriam Vitkina. I know little about my grandmother. She was born in Lithuania in 1860s. I have no information about my Ganny's family. My grandfather and grandmother had 6 children. They had more, but those 6 survived. My grandmother did some farming and kept few cows. The children helped her around. Every day after milking the cows my grandmother made cottage cheese and butter and the children went to Shauliai to deliver the dairies to their customers. Their family lived on what they earned.

Irena Wygodzka with her friend Dudek Goldberg

This is a picture of me, Irena Wygodzka, with my frist love: Dudek Goldberg from Radom. I met him in Vilnius, in the kibbutz. This is where the picture was taken, in 1941.

I went to a kibbutz in Vilnius in December 1939. I went to the kibbutz, because I wanted to leave for Palestine, but I was one of the youngest in the kibbutz.

Well, it was the older ones who got to go first. It was all quite illegal, papers were arranged in Russia. There were all kinds of organizations in the kibbutzim in Vilnius: leftist, rightist, all Zionist.

Irena Wygodzka with her friend Fryda in a kibbutz during the war

In this picture I am with Fryda with whom I was in a kibbutz in Vilnius during the war, in 1940.

We sent that photo to Hela Hass, who was in Siberia during the war. We wrote on the back: ‘Helus, we miss you and hope that we will meet soon.’

I went to a kibbutz in Vilnius in December 1939. My brother walked me to the train station. I didn't tell Father that I was leaving, because I was afraid he wouldn't let me go.

It was horrible! I crossed the border to Vilnius when the temperature was 40 degrees below zero, so I remember this.

Eugenia Berger

This is me. The picture was taken in Wilno in the 1930s.

I was born in Wilno in 1918, the third child in our family. I belonged to Hashomer Hatzair.

In our organization we often had lectures about Israel. All the young people were preparing to immigrate to Palestine.

We would go on hakhsharah, too. We were very involved young people. We all wore uniforms. Gray blouses and navy blue skirts and gray panama hats.

Our group was co-educational. Both students and grammar-school children belonged to it.

Rozalia Ledskaya

This is my mother Rozalia Ledskaya before getting married. Mother gave this picture to father before he left for compulsory service in the Tsarist army.

The picture was kept in our family album after parents got married. When father left my mother, she kept that picture. The picture was made in Lithuania in 1912.

My mother's family lived in a small town of Girtakol in Lithuanian province. I tried to find that town on the map, but failed.


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