Peter Gottlieb

This is my son [Peter Gottlieb] holding a nice black cat.

The photo was taken after he had lost all his hair. He had cancer, and lost his hair, because he had to undergo chemotherapy.

The photo was taken in Israel, it is written 1995 on its back. He died in 1996.

In autumn 1948 I got married. I was in the second degree at the university.

My wife had been my classmate in high school in Nagybanya, in the last degree.

Israel in 1925

The photo was taken in Israel in 1925.

There is no seal of a studio on the back but there is writing in Ivrit which I cannot read.

The man lying on the left in the dark shirt is my father Morduhay Levi.

I do not know the others around him but the photo presents a clear picture of life in Palestine at that time.

My parents left for Palestine. They traveled by steamboat. I was one month old.

Leon, my mother's elder brother, welcomed them there. He had been living there with his wife Simha for two years.

Jenö Jakubovic

Das war mein Cousin Jenö. Er war der Sohn von Rosa, der Schwester meines Vaters.

In den frühen 1930er Jahren hatte Jenö eine Weltreise unternommen, die ihn bis Honolulu gebracht hat.

Auf dem Rückweg seiner Weltreise ist er nach Monte Carlo gefahren und hat dort sein ganzes Geld verspielt.

Er hat dann von dort öfters telegrafiert, dass er Geld brauche, bis Tante Rosi genug hatte. Er hat sich dann, als sein Vater krank wurde, und er das Geschäft übernommen hat, etwas beruhigt.


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