Lipot Gunst and his family

This is a very, very old photograph. I don't know how it survived for a century and a half. I'm not completely sure where and when the picture was taken. These are my great-grandparents with their eleven children. My grandfather, Lipot Gunst, is the second on the right in the row standing. Aside from my great-grandparents, I recognize Uncle Berti, who was called Bertalan. He's the boy standing next to great-grandfather.

Laszlo Galla

This is me, Laszlo Gunst, as a seven-year-old in 1924. I don't know what occasion this picture was taken for. It was taken in Szentes. It was a bit of a special occasion to go to the photographer's. A few people in our family already had a camera then, so it wasn't a world-shaking event. I've got a sailor suit on, and that was elegant in those days. I really hated that I had to grow my hair so long, because they teased me for it: long hair, short of brains.

Wedding of Sandor B. and Klara H.

At my older sister Klari's wedding on June 5, 1945. The picture was taken in front of the Dohany Street synagogue. In the first row, fifth from the right, is my uncle Imre Kauders, the sixth is the father of the groom, the seventh is the mother of the groom and in front of her is the groom's niece. In the first row, first from the left is me, the second is my mother and the third is my father.


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