Sandor Gunst’s birth certificate

This is my father Sandor Gunst’s birth certificate from 1880. It was registered in Szentes.

My father was born in 1880 in Szentes. He attended high school there. At the time, this high school was connected with the Debrecen Calvinist High School. Since it only had six grades, anyone who wanted to go to seventh and eighth had to finish in Debrecen. My father didn't go there, so he only completed six grades of secondary school. I used to know why, but now I can't remember why he quit.

Erzsebet Gunst

This is one of the last photos of my mother, Erzsebet Gunst. The picture was taken in Budapest in 1966.

When I got home to Szentes in August 1945, the big shop was completely empty. There were 10-15 sacks on one of the shelves, my mother sat next to the sacks and 'sold' them. My mother got empty bags on consignment from some contacts who were Jewish corn traders.

Ella Havas

This lady is Mrs. Emil Havas, Aunt Ella, who was my second aunt. The photo was taken in Budapest in 1950.

Ella was a journalist in Yugoslavia, and wrote for papers in Szabadka, Zombor, and I think in Uj Videk. For years she ran a psychological type section under the name Ella Havas - Emil Havas was her husband - and ran around in writing circles all her life.


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