Ella Havas

This lady is Mrs. Emil Havas, Aunt Ella, who was my second aunt. The photo was taken in Budapest in 1950.

Ella was a journalist in Yugoslavia, and wrote for papers in Szabadka, Zombor, and I think in Uj Videk. For years she ran a psychological type section under the name Ella Havas - Emil Havas was her husband - and ran around in writing circles all her life.

Sandor Gunst and his wife Erzsebet

This is the wedding photo of my parents, Sandor Gunst and Erzsebet Gunst, nee Kohn. The photo was taken in Hodmezovasarhely, where they had their wedding, in 1909.

My mother, Erzsebet Kohn, was born in 1887, in her birth certificate she appears as Orzsike and her Jewish name was Eszter. I know that my mother, after completing four years of civil school went to school in Temesvar there were higher girls' schools at that time, where they learned housekeeping and community skills. I think it was for two or three years, and my mother graduated from it.

Lipot and Emilia Gunst's diamond jubilee

This is the most complete photo of my father's family. Everyone in it is from his direct relations. The photo was taken at my grandparents' diamond anniversary in Szentes in 1929. This is the last photo of my grandparents, indeed, they both died in the same year and nearly at the same time. They couldn't exist without each other. My aunt Maca (Droth, nee Gunst) is sitting next to my grandparents here. My uncle Erno (Gunst) is standing on the left side, beside him is Aunt Helen (Weisz, nee Gunst), and next to her is my father, Sandor Gunst.

Lipot Gunst

This is my paternal grandfather. The photo was taken in Szentes in 1918. My paternal grandfather was Lipot Gunst. I've seen the birth registration certificate and his name is registered as Leopold, but they called him Lipot in the shop, that's what was written on the sign: 'Lipot Gunst.' My grandfather was born in Szentes in 1844.


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