The wedding photo of Blanka Gallo’s sister Gitta Leimseder

This is the wedding photo of my sister Gitta Leimseder. The wedding was in our house in Nyiregyhaza and the photo was made there, sometime in the 1930s.

Gitta was the eldest (child) She was born around 1910-11 in Nyiregyhaza. Both Gitta and Margit, my other sister, were often in dad's office, doing bookkeeping - my father was a tropical fruit dealer.

Maria Leimseder, Blanka Gallo’s mother

My mother Maria Leimseder. The photo was taken in Nyiregyhaza in the 1930s.

My parents were Orthodox. They obeyed every Jewish law to the letter. My mother had a wig - and she wore it at home too. At night she tied her hair up (in a scarf). (In my girlhood) I accompanied my mother to the mikvah. I believe they went to mikvah two weeks after menstruation and until then, not only could you not make love, but were not really allowed to touch. (My parents) had two separate beds and there was a bedside table in between.


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