Sara Lazar

This photo was taken in the 1920s. Here you can see my mother, Sara Lazar.

My mother’s maiden name was Sara Groszman; she was born in 1899 in Nagykallo, in Szabolcs county.

She finished elementary school, I think it had six grades back then.

My father was demanding, so our home was very strict.

I can tell you honestly that when my father was at home, we couldn’t breathe a word. When he left, well, then we had a good time.

Alice Kosa, Jeno Kosa and Aliz Bogdan

This photo was taken in Budapest, the first from right is me Alice Kosa, the person in the center is my husband Jeno Kosa, and the person on the left side is my cousin, Aliz Bogdan.

One of my father's [Albert Molnar] younger sisters was called Berta Marmorstein.

Aunt Berta got married to a boy from Pest, they lived in Budapest.

Their daughter is Aliz, who is still alive, thanks' God, she was born in 1913, she is 92 years old.

Jeno Kosa as a soldier

My husband Jeno Kosa is on this photo, in the left-sided window, somewhere in Hungary, as a soldier.

And this is a different story. My husband got an employment [Editor’s note: after Northern Transylvania was re-annexed, the husband got employment in the noble judge’s office], and he was handsome, I must admit that.

Hundred seventy-seven centimeters, not too tall, but tall enough. And there he fell in love with a girl, who was fifteen years younger than him.

Mano and Dina Gertzovits

This photo was taken before the World War II.

On the left side is my older sister, Dina Gertzovits [nee Walter], next to her is my brother-in-law, Mano Gertzovits.

The others are their friends, they took this photo in a ball. Maybe there was tombola too, that’s why they had numbers.

We had Jewish balls before the war [World War II] in Maramarossziget, at Purim and Chanukkah.

I was a lass, I didn't go to balls, but my sister did. People didn't dance Jewish dances in a Jewish ball, as there were many Christians too, not only Jews.

Dina and Rozsi Gertzovits

This photo was taken before the war, it’s my sister on the right, Dina Gertzovits, next to her is her sister-in-law, Rozsi Gertzovits, the younger sister of Mendel Gertzovits, my sister’s husband.

We were seven siblings, there were four brothers and three sisters counting myself too.

Formerly it was a great sin not to give birth to a baby, they considered that you had killed that baby, if you didn't give birth to it.

Golda Salamon before WWII

This photo was taken before the World War II, it represents me, Golda Salamon.

I, Golda Salamon was born here in [Maramaros]Sziget, on 30th November 1926.

I don't know from whom I inherited my name, but it is interesting that there wasn't any other Golda in the family, just me.

There was one more, I think a relative on my mother's side, but they lived in Szaplonca, not in [Maramaros]Sziget.

Since we usually didn't look for names somewhere else, but just in the family.


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