Anna Eva Gaspar's deportation certificate

This is a document. My husband Andras Gaspar, Andris obtained it, he insisted so much, he was very 'descurcaret' [resourceful in Romanian]. He inquired at the French Red-Cross organization and managed to obtain the address [in Germany]. And then - he knew French, German, English, Ialian - he got an answer in November 1970. Cocatrix was the big chief there, he managed the documents for the deportees.

Anna Eva and Andras Gaspar in Germany

Here we are in Germany with my husband Andras Gaspar, Andris. They asked us: 'Why do you want to go to Germany, for spying?' 'We want to visit our relatives.' We had an invitation, we needed many documents, lots of leg-work, but my husband arranged everything. We got the visa. We were there for three months and what I find interesting it is that we went by plane to East Germany, there we had to get off and went by train until Frankfurt, because our relatives were in Frankfurt, and there we got on the train.


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