A lady in a hat

This photo shows my mother, Alzbeta Urban, in 1936 in Vienna. It was taken at the photo studio Schnecc Foto, Trude Schachner, Salzburg, Mekartpl.

My mother's name was Alzbeta Urban, née Grünfeld. She was born in Trnava in 1913. I don't know how many siblings she had. We knew only one of her brothers. He appeared at our place after World War II. It was a very hectic time. I can't even tell you anything more about him.

Paula Neuwirthova with her grandson Palo Neuwirth

This is my grandmother Paula Neuwirthova with her grandson, Palo Neuwirth. The photo was taken in Vienna in 1935.

My grandmother was from Vienna. She was in an old people's home in Nove Mesto nad Vahom during the Holocaust and died there.

Palo was my uncle Rudolf Neuwirth’s son. He was deported along with his parents and perished in Auschwitz in 1943.


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