Yuri Bogdanov

That’s me as a captain. The picture was taken on 9th May 1945.

It is written overleaf: "To my dear Elvirochka, my wife and friend on Victory Day…” I pondered many things over on that day. The picture was taken in Baden, Austria.

I finished the war in the Austrian city of Baden near Vienna. When we took Baden, I was a captain, the head of the communication squad. It was a big division, a few hundred people with many radio stations. We established communication for the entire army.

Pyotr Bograd

This photograph was taken in April 1945 on the border of Austria and Yugoslavia. I, as acting regiment commander.

I have three orders on my chest: two Orders of the Red Star and an Order of the Red Banner.

I took part in the Great Patriotic War from its very beginning. I was at the southern border of Austria at the time, when the war ended.

On 12th April, Urgen in Tyrol was captured by the Americans. We felt the situation was changing, and the victory was close.

Since our regiment commander was wounded I was appointed commanding officer of the regiment.

Certificate stating that Laszlo Galla was in Mauthausen

This is a document I got in Mauthausen, certifying that I was in that camp during the war. The document is dated 1945 in Mauthausen.

I was in forced labor until 1944 when we were handed over to the Germans at Hegyeshalom, but not as laborers but as deportees. Then we were brought down to Harka with a little trip through Austria and then to Mauthausen where we were for about two weeks. In Harka, we dug tank traps for the Russian tanks. We spent nearly five months there.

Non-Jewish workers in the Treff Koffer- und Lederwarenfabrik

This is a very interesting photo. This was taken in a factory in Austria where my mother, Erzsebet Gunst, plus a whole lot of other Szentes people were doing forced labor during the Holocaust. I think the photo was taken after the liberation, and only the Austrian workers with whom my mother worked are in it. I do know, that among the Szentes people, many kept in touch with these people who were truly good to them. They sent this photo, and gave it to my mother who put it away.


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