Kitty und Otto Suschny -- Only A Couple Of Streets Away From Each Other

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Kitty and Otto Suschny both grew up in Vienna, only a couple of streets away from each other, but they never met while growing up. After the Reichspogromnacht in November 1938, both fled Austria for their lives; Kitty went to England, while Otto emigrated to Palestine. After the war, they returned to Vienna, desperate to find out what had happened to their parents. That´s where they met, and they never separated again...

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Kurt Brodmann -- The Story of the Brodmann Family

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Kurt Brodmann tells the story of his family: how his father Leopold, an actor, fell in love with Franzi Goldstaub, who was sitting in the audience. Franzi came from an orthodox family and her parents would not let her marry an actor.

Because he was so much in love, Leopold gave up his acting career and went into business.

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Jindrich Lion "My Escape From Prague"

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Jindrich Lion, a noted journalist and author, takes us through his remarkable life--from interwar Czechoslovakia to Palestine, then back home to begin again--only to leave when the Soviets invaded his country in 1968.

Mr Lion shares with us his photo album,  made in 1938 when he was sixteen years old-- a teenage witness to a history.

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