Cafe Centropa in Vienna and Budapest. Standing with Holocaust survivors.

Centropa was founded in 2000 and over the next decade, we interviewed 1,206 Holocaust survivors still living in 15 European countries. Click here to explore our database of 25,000 annotated personal photographs.

Starting in 2006, we began a social club for our interviewees—in both Vienna and Budapest. We bring our survivors together—once each month in Vienna, every six weeks in Budapest--and ask singers and actors to perform, novelists the read, and journalists to discuss today’s events.

These seniors are the last of their kind: Holocaust survivors living in the lands where the Holocaust took place. While the Austrian government and its agencies provide 90% of our funding, we still fall short each year. And in Hungary, the current government does not provide our club with a dime.

But you can, and we promise to use it well. We’ll even send you an annual report on our programs. Just click here to make an online donation, or write to on where to send a check.

Thank you.

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