Burekitas With Grandma

Grade of Class: 
Middle School 5th-8th grade


The Ulus Jewish School is the only Jewısh school in Turkey.  There are over 600 students ranging from age 2 to 18.  In the Middle School, students in grades 5-8 choose to participate in various clubs.  This project is done in cooperation between the Middle School Cooking Club and the Jewish Community Center, Alef.  

For this project the elders in the community got together to teach the young children of the cooking club how to make "Burekitas." Burekitas are traditional dumplings that can be made with various fillings, ranging from cheese, potatoes, or eggplant. In this video the ladies in the community center share wisdom on how to make Burekitas with eggplant.  

As is the case with many traditional recipes, there exist many versions for both the dough and the filling.  However, for this project, after long discussions the ladies agreed on some common principles that they shared with the younger generation.  The result was both enriching and also very delicious!


Cookbook Project
Video competition 2015/16
Ulus Jewish Schools

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Ulus Jewish Schools
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