See with your hands!

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The See with your hands project aimed to discover the lives of blind people: how they see and experience our world without an eyesight. The participating students played soccer with their blind peers, used public transport helping them and learned to use special computers as well. By learning about each other's lives, students came closer to each other, and as an end result, they created a book together which will be exhibited in the Jósa András Museum in Nyíregyháza.

Teachers: Baglyos Natália, Pallagi Józsefné, Gulyásné Lovász Mária, Babolcsi Andrea, Boróki Ferencné


This project has been created in the framework of the Common Ground Educational Program. We thank for our supporters for making this project possible.

Civil society
Cooperation project
Sztehlo Gábor Evangélikus Gimnázium
József Attila High School, Polgár

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József Attila High School, Polgár
Sztehlo Gábor Evangélikus Gimnázium

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