Secret Garden


Participating schools:

1.       XIII. District Tomori Pál Elementary School

2.       X. District Wesley János School

Number of students: 10+10

Number of teachers: 3+5

Number of meetings: 7

The creation of the Garden project was driven by the bold idea of ​​trying to link two groups of children coming from very different social situations. Thus, in the framework of the Common Ground Program, the XIII. District Tomori Pál Elementary School and X. Dirstrict Wesley János School students came together. First, the children got to know each other, drew plans, visited each other's schools, and then they used their practical experiences gained in the garden of Tomori Pál school to prepare their final work, a construction of a joint garden. The construction was carried out with great diligence, and was a milestone in the life of the Wesley school. Its message – referring to a book titled “The Secret Garden”- is that it is worth to make friends, to unite and to believe that everyone can make miracles happen. 


Supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute Foundations, the US Embassy in Budapest, the Europe for Citizens, European Remebrance program, the Mazsihisz, the National Coopreation fund, the Mozaik Hub, and the Gallic Fund

Civil society
Cooperation project
Tomori Pál Elementary School
Wesley János Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Szakiskola és Gimnázium

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Tomori Pál Elementary School
Wesley János Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Szakiskola és Gimnázium

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