Meet a friend /get to know our customs

Vera Isailovic
Grade of Class: 
7th and 8th grade

In our town there aren't any Jewish families and I wanted my students to become familiar with Jewish customs. I linked with Natalia Shuskin from Israel because she has students with the same age as mine. We made a closed group on FB where they can meet and introduce themselves. Our goal is to comunicate how they live now, to introduce their schools, city, customs.

Our plan:

1st week / introducing (about me, hobbies, music, what I like...)

2nd week / introducing my school (what we learn in school, what we do in schoolyard, what sports we have, subjects ...)

3th week / meet my customs, my food (try to make my  recepies)

4th week / let's make some product together (short fim about what we learned theese weeks, or make online newspaper...)

I hope that  enthusiasm that our students have now will take in coming weeks.

group Meet friend
Cooperation project
Stevan Colovic Arilje Primary School Serbia

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Stevan Colovic Arilje Primary School Serbia
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