School exhibition "My view of the holocaust"

Grade of Class: 
7,8,9th grades

On the 11th of March, the school organized an event for remembrance of the day of the holocaust, the day of deportation of the Jews living in Shtip. We organized poetry reading of poems written by our students, the students saw the film "The stories of those who speak no more", and there was a school art exhibition in the school hall named "My view of the holocaust". 

presentation of 11th of March
Holocaust commemoration
Poetry projects
Our town's Jewish history
Primary School "Slavejko Arsov" - Shtip

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Primary School Slavejko Arsov - Shtip
Primary School "Slavejko Arsov" - Shtip
st. Krusevska Republika no.68
2000 Shtip

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