Creating a Museum

Grade of Class: 
7th and 8th Grade

As of 2014, the seventh and eight grade students at the Petar Pop Arsov primary school in Skopje, Macedonia have created and curated an exhibition they have made using Centropa resources and their own research. They worked on this exhibition for few months and created 9 panels about the history, religion and tradition of the Sephardic Jews in Macedonia. This project was part of a community event – the commemoration of the deportation of the Jews from Macedonia, on 11 March 1943. This event was organized by the students and teachers from this school for students, teachers, parents, school directors from their local community and other educators and guests. The visitors viewed this exhibition during which the students were docents and also watched their student film made in the Centropa’s style multimedia films in a separate room.  

The school choir singing a Jewish song
The school choir singing a Jewish song
Student Exhibitions
Petar Pop Arsov Primary School

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Petar Pop Arsov Primary School
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