Jewish students team up with Roma teenagers to perform "Szól a kakas már"

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Centropa's educational project the "Common Ground" aims to break down barriers and build bridges between various segments of Hungarian society. We encourage dialogue and fight stereotypes with the joy brought by creativity. In the 2018/2019 school year students from various ethnic, cultural, religious or social backgrounds had to create versions on the Hungarian Jewish folk song called "When the rooster calls". The students did not only created this version of the song, but they also met couple of times during the school year, got to know each other, and each others culture and customs.

This version is brought to you by the Roma students of the elementary school in Sajóvárkony, and Jewish students from the Lauder Javne school in Budapest.

The sound was recorded in the Hangony community studio. The video was shot and produced by Éva Szász and László Halász.

Special thanks to our donors: Embassy of the United States in Hungary, Open Society Foundations, Mazsihisz (Hungarian Jewish Community), Mazsihisz IFI (Youth Movement of the Hungarian Jewish Community), Mozaik Jewish Community Hub, Gallic Fund.

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