Our school's neighborhood

Grade of Class: 
6th grade

This is a video about the neighbourhood where our school is situated today.The streets around our school have been given names of famous Jewish people...and this is how our story starts...

The video "Our school's neighborhood" was created during the History class and it is the participation of the Jewish Primary School of Thessaloniki at the educational part of the european organisation Centropa

centropa.org/ that is specializing in preserving the Jewish tradition and memory.
Students: Anna Capon - Alexandra Bineva - Michael Atogian - Ilias Nachmias
Teacher in charge: Kalle Stella
Videographer/Photographer: Petros Papakyriakou - photocolors.gr
Editing: Panos Mansalis - freshvideo.gr
The music is an original composition "The Unfulfilled" of the producer & musician Gianni Damianidi.
Special thanks to:
The Jewish Museum of the Thessaloniki and the Archives of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki.
Photography store "Kounio" kounio.gr
Assistant administrator Mr. Nikolao Farmaki and the boarding chair of Hippokrates Hospital of Thessaloniki.

Our town's Jewish history
Jewish Primary School of Thessaloniki

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Jewish Primary School of Thessaloniki
Jewish Primary School of Thessaloniki
Fleming 17
54143 Thessaloniki

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