The colored diamonds of the green rooster

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In the framework of this project, the lyrics of the students of the Green Kakas Lyceum were put to music and illustrated by the students of the Gandhi High School - so authentic Roma folk music was associated with creative writing and fine art. The best works have also appeared in the form of a coloring book and a voice recording - The famous Hungarian singer, Ági Szalóki also contributed to the studio recording, to the great pleasure of the participating teachers and students.

Teachers: Sulyok Blanka, Jakab Natália, Láng Eszter


This project has been created in the framework of the Common Ground Educational Program. We thank for our supporters for making this project possible.

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Cooperation project
Zöld Kakas Líceum
Gandhi Secondary School

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Gandhi Secondary School
Zöld Kakas Líceum

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