The „Glimmers in the Night of the Holocaust” Project

Suciu Horatiu
Grade of Class: 
XI (16-17 years)

For the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (27 of January) and the victims of the Pogrom of Bucharest (21-23 January 1941), the students of class XI E from the National College „Iulia Hasdeu” Lugoj have participated in January 2017 in the project entitled „Glimmers in the Night of the Holocaust”. The students involved in this project have engraved, by cropping, a series of notions and terms related to the Holocaust on cardboard cylinders. With these cylinders, illuminated from the inside, on the morning of January 20 an exposition was made available on the halls of the high-school in order to commemorate the tragedy known as the Holocaust. The coordinator of this project was the teacher Horațiu Suciu.

Holocaust commemoration
Colegiul National "IULIA HASDEU" Lugoj

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Colegiul National "IULIA HASDEU" Lugoj
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