Rosa Gershenovich with her friend Polia Glozman

Rosa Gershenovich with her friend Polia Glozman
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My friend Polia Glozman (on the right) and me photographed in Rybnitsa in the 1930s after we finished school. I started going to the Russian lower secondary school in Rybnitsa in 1922, ans I attended it for seven years. There was also a Jewish school in Rybnitsa. But my mother told me that she and my aunt had discussed the subject of which school I should attend and they decided that it was better for me to study Russian in order to be able to continue my education later. My school was in a two-story building in the center of town. The majority of the children at the school were Jewish. I mastered my Russian at this school. There were Russian and Moldavian children, but we Jews stood separately. We stayed together - not on purpose, it just happened to be so. We communicated and played with the other children, but were not close friends with them. I can't say that there was any anti-Semitism. Only once, I remember, when we went out with other children and there were Russian girls there, one of them approached me and asked me to say the letter 'r'. It was a common belief that Jews couldn't pronounce this sound. I pronounced it perfectly and she said, 'Good'. They didn't want to play with any of the children who mispronounced this letter. We lived in the embankment street where the wealthier families lived: store owners, doctors, etc. Poorer people, shoemakers, tailors, workers, etc., lived farther out. All my friends were Jews. After finishing school, my friend Polia Finegersh became an accountant. She and her mother perished in Tiraspol in 1941. My other friend, Polia Glozman, moved to Tiraspol with her husband who perished at the front in 1942. Polia had a daughter.

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Ella Orlikova
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Lvov, Ukraine


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Polia Glozman
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